Wednesday, January 25, 2012

01. Android SDK Download and Install

8:43 AM

First step in setting the development environment is the downloading Android SDK. You can see here from the SDK page have options for Windows, Mac and Linux. Let's focus on windows.


It's recommended to download installer.
Before you start to install the Android SDK, you have to install Java Development kit  on your machine. This link will help you to download the Java Development Kit.
 Then download the setup, which is most suitable to your operating system.

After you install the Java on your machine, run Android SDK installer. Please go through the followingscreen shots when you install it.

Click the finish button starting SDK manager.
When it installing actually asks you which packages to install.
So for right now click cancel and We'll configure it later.

You are installed Android SDK on your machine successfully. Let's meet with next tutorial.

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